Wednesday, April 30, 2014

La di da, I want to scratch my face off!!!!!

Oay! My face is still pretty bad, and itchy as can be. I want to just claw it off. Obviously, I am resisting this urge. I'm sure a clawed off face would be less attracted and more painful than what I'm currently dealing with.

My wonderful hubby purchased my list of ointments and washes for my burn this morning. I really think the Aquaphor Healing Ointment is helping. I just need it to work faster. I'm so impatient.

Once again, I had to cake on some makeup today, for just a few hours to get my hair done. Typically I do my hair myself, but this time I opted to treat myself to an appointment with a wonderful stylist. I would have rather postponed my appointment, but it takes 2 months minimum to get an appointment with her.. and time is not on my side.

Sometimes I think I'm too vain for my own good. Hence, if I wasn't I wouldn't be sporting this sexy chemical burn. I really try to play up my best attributes, like hair, makeup/face and boobs. From the boobs down, I'm just not that cute. Well, until you get to my feet. They are pretty cute.  But no one cares about cute feet, unless they have a foot fetish... so, I try to draw the attention to the top half of my body.  If I blind them with nice hair, makeup and a tasteful amount of cleavage maybe they won't notice the burn? Ya think? No, unfortunately I don't think it will work either.

Time to guzzle some water and slather on more ointment!