Sunday, May 4, 2014

I survived the weekend!!

After a hellicious weekend I'm home, and alive. WIN! haha 

Friday began with a late start. That was followed by car issues, a tow, a rental car, and finding out the car issue was a previously serviced issue. After wasting money on the tow and rental we finally got to the hotel ( 2 hours away ) at 6 pm, 4 hours later than planned. By the time we had dinner, there was only an hour left to enjoy the water park. 

Friday night my son kept me up till about 4 am with an ear ache, that thankfully was no longer bothering him the following morning. We got up, showered, packed up and checked out by 11 am. We then grabbed some grub, and got my daughter ready for her cheer competition (the reason for our trip).

There was a lot of really great competition and unfortunately my daughters' team didn't place. She still had a blast and that's all that matters! After comp. we were able to spend 3 hours at the water park before grabbing some late dinner and heading home. 

I avoided getting my face wet with the chlorine water ( chemical burn, remember?!? ) , which actually was far more successful than I expected. I feel totally beat up today. I think that means I am officially old. A lil outing and I'm spent! *smh* I feel like I was partying hard all weekend, on some blurred out drinking binge all young and wild like. Nope. Not a single drink. And no partying was had. LOL 

I made it through the water park without burning my face off, and made it through the weekend with a smidgen of sanity intact. With all things considered this is a win! 

My face is healing nicely, although those lil pesky lines are still there!!! I have a lunch date tomorrow at the Cheese Cake Factory with my BFF, which will be followed by a little shopping for something to wear to commencement this coming Saturday!  :)