Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cheesecake Factory, ER visit, and Commencement!

Woooo! Ok. I've fallen behind!  So, I'll backtrack a little. Monday 5/5 met up with my BFF for CHEESECAKE FACTORY. So delicious. Deciding on cheesecake was quite a task! Ended up going with the lemon raspberry... and Oh my! Totally orgasmic!! After dining, completely stuffed I waddled off to find a dress for commencement. We walked into Torrid, I found it right away, in the right size. Awesome!

That night I started getting some pains in the lower right side of my abdomen. I chose to ignore it till Wednesday morning when I decided the pain had gotten so bad I was worried it was my appendix and opted for a trip to the ER. After a scan, some morphine and blood work I was released with a diagnosis of possible early appendicitis, or possible ovarian cyst. I haven't had any pains since Sunday, so hopefully whatever it was is gone now. During all this commotion, I made my hubby a Tres Leches cake for his 35th Birthday and it was Delicious!

Saturday was my commencement! Being home schooled for High School I had never had a commencement. I relished in the day. I can honestly say I am proud of myself. I did it! Well, sorta. I actually have a few classes left to be officially done with my BBA. Now, the decision to move on to a masters program or not? Hmmm! I really want to go back to work, but there has recently became an issue that I may need to home school my youngest this coming school year... but, that's another post all together.

Until then, xoxo!

Coming soon: several product reviews!!!  All products were purchased with my own money and I have received no compensation for up coming reviews.