Wednesday, April 30, 2014

La di da, I want to scratch my face off!!!!!

Oay! My face is still pretty bad, and itchy as can be. I want to just claw it off. Obviously, I am resisting this urge. I'm sure a clawed off face would be less attracted and more painful than what I'm currently dealing with.

My wonderful hubby purchased my list of ointments and washes for my burn this morning. I really think the Aquaphor Healing Ointment is helping. I just need it to work faster. I'm so impatient.

Once again, I had to cake on some makeup today, for just a few hours to get my hair done. Typically I do my hair myself, but this time I opted to treat myself to an appointment with a wonderful stylist. I would have rather postponed my appointment, but it takes 2 months minimum to get an appointment with her.. and time is not on my side.

Sometimes I think I'm too vain for my own good. Hence, if I wasn't I wouldn't be sporting this sexy chemical burn. I really try to play up my best attributes, like hair, makeup/face and boobs. From the boobs down, I'm just not that cute. Well, until you get to my feet. They are pretty cute.  But no one cares about cute feet, unless they have a foot fetish... so, I try to draw the attention to the top half of my body.  If I blind them with nice hair, makeup and a tasteful amount of cleavage maybe they won't notice the burn? Ya think? No, unfortunately I don't think it will work either.

Time to guzzle some water and slather on more ointment!


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ugh! I gave myself a chemical burn!

With graduation fast approaching, this means there will be photos taken... of me. I tend to not like having photos taken of me, unless, well I'm the one taking them. If I'm the one taking them, I'm in control of the angle and such and can take several to get the "one". You know the one, the one that will later be shared with the Facebook world. The one that makes you look far better than you do in day to day life. Yeah. That one. The problem with having photos taken and not being the taker, is there is no control. And I like control.

Ok. Now that we covered that aspect, I can continue on. So, with knowing photos will be taken soon I wanted to try to diminish some early aging signs that have been taunting me. So, I decided to purchase some 10% Glycolic peel "pads". I researched, for hours, many many hours. After I found a brand that everyone was raving about, I purchases some.

Last night after my 2nd application of this product, I moisturized and went to bed. When I woke up this morning my face was COVERED in little itchy red bumps. After several hours of research, I have concluded I gave myself a chemical burn. It's horrible! It looks like I have some sort of disease or something!! Oh the woes of me.

To make matters worse, I really only have till Friday to get this under control. The kids and I are heading to a water park for my daughters cheer competition. I'm sure the massive amounts of chlorine they put in the water will not help, AT ALL!! I only have 10 days until my commencement! Gosh I hope it's at least able to be covered with makeup by then!!!

I did put makeup on today for about 3 hours. Long enough to take the kids to gymnastics. I asked my loving, yet honest hubby how it looked. He said," Like chicken skin, with makeup on it." Are you getting the visual?! Ha! After I got home, I washed my face, and applied Aquaphor healing ointment
( as suggested by several ).

I guess this is what I get for being a lil too concerned about a few very fine lines. Gosh, aging is fun!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Let's try this again....

Thanks for stopping by!!! I haven't had a blog in so long, I was really missing it. So, I am back!!!! And man, it feels good!! 

A lil bio about myself:
My name is Kristina, I am 29 *shutters* years old. I have been married for 7.5 years. Together we have a 9 year old daughter, and a 6 year old son. We reside in Michigan. I will be graduating with my Bachelors degree in 2 weeks! Yay! *jumps up and down* :) I am a full time student, SAHM, and a part time professional makeup artist. 
My interests include: Any activity my children are in; which currently consists of dance, gymnastics, cheer, baseball and softball. I also enjoy singing, makeup, couponing, hair, art in its many forms, sleeping, shopping, eating, trying new products, talking,  travel, DIY and trying to lose this baby weight... I mean, my baby is 6 years old now.. it's time. 

Our home is often chaotic and full of clashing personalities. When you combine that with crazy schedules, and non-stop to do lists it makes for a lot of fun, errr, or not so fun days! Never the less, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love my imperfectly perfect life. :)